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Our Solutions for Trucks, Buses and Heavy Duty Utility Vehicles

Hybrid electric or all-electric buses are already in widespread use in our cities today and are an effective way of reducing pollutant emissions or avoiding them altogether. This move towards cleaner mobility is also being seen in trucks, with more and more manufacturers introducing hybrid electric or all-electric trucks to their fleets.

In heavy-duty off-road utility vehicles such as construction site vehicles and agricultural machinery, the power electronics are exposed to particularly harsh ambient conditions. They have to be ultra-compact and lightweight, while exhibiting good vibration, impact and shock resistance in order for them to work reliably on uneven terrain. They have to be able to work at both very low and very high ambient and coolant temperatures and boast excellent thermal and power cycling capabilities at the same time.


Converter for On- and Off-Road Vehicles up to 800V

SKAI 2 HV comprises a versatile 3-phase AC/DC and DC/AC converter platform designed for use in electrified vehicles. It covers key requirements such as high power density, exceptional ruggedness and automotive EMI compliance. The integrated motor control software SKAIware ensures highly efficient operation of the electric drive train.

Short facts

Key Components

  • Compact integration into IP67 enclosure
  • Voltage, current and temperature sensors
  • Gate driver with protection
  • IGBT power semiconductors
  • Fully programmable digital signal processor
  • EMI filters
  • Versatile cooling system (liquid cooled, forced air cooled, base plate)
  • DC-link capacitors
  • Motor control software


The SKAI 2 HV power electronic platform comprises highly integrated motor controllers, which provide the ideal powertrain solution for mobile electric and hybrid applications. Power densities of up to 24kVA/litre bring notable size reductions compared with other existing standard motor controller products. The systems are designed to operate with supply voltages up to 800VDC and with output power ratings up to 300kVA. The IGBT based SKAI 2 HV motor controller operates on sintered, 100% solder free 1200V power semiconductors and it features polypropylene film DC-link capacitors, all integrated into a waterproof IP67 enclosure. The compact motor controllers can withstand high vibration amplitudes up to 10gRMS.

SKAIware motor control software adds to the system function and finishes off this tried-and-tested package for the SKAI 2 HV nicely. SEMIKRON provides engineering services to support customers with the integration of SKAI 2 HV motor controller systems. Other available services include lifetime estimation, field application support, individual parameterization of motor control software, and more.

Product range

Versatile SKAI 2 HV off-the-shelf versions are available. Various optional services also exist, such as end-of-line flashing of customer specific software, lifetime estimation based on application profile analysis, field application support, individual parameterization of motor control software and further services (on request).

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