Flexible Design through Customization



DCM™ Technology Platform

To power up the fast-growing fleet of HEVs, PHEVs and BEVs, Semikron Danfoss has developed a power module technology platform, for traction applications – the DCM.

The DCM technology platform is designed to be scalable. In the same package, we can scale the power up or down to meet different inverter voltage classes with blocking voltages of 750V-1200V, while having different output currents from 350 to 900A.

Furthermore, our power modules are based on quality components, patented packaging and cooling technologies to achieve outstanding, measurable results in terms of reliable performance and robustness – all adding up to ensure a cost-effective solution that lasts.

Our certified processes assure for consistent high quality and streamlined path from development to volume manufacturing.

DCM™ Key Features

  • Advanced bonding and joining technology (Danfoss Bond Buffer®)
  • Dedicated cooling technology (ShowerPower®)
  • Transfer molding - robust packages for reliability and longer life
  • Si and SiC Technology
  • 750V/1200V HB and Sixpack compatible package delivering up to 900ARMS
  • Low inductive package

Combining Winning Technologies for Higher Performance

The DCM technology platform is well-defined and based on known and proven technologies. Our patented solutions increase the power density, thermal robustness and improve lifetime and reliability of the power module.

Danfoss Bond Buffer®

Advanced bonding and joining technology

Danfoss Bond Buffer® is a breakthrough in bonding and joining technology that helps you raise the bar for system performance. Our patented DBB® concept is based on an innovative combination of copper wire bonding and sintered die attach that replaces traditional solder joints.


  • Reduces the semiconductor area for a more cost-effective solution
  • Increases power density and thermal robustness
  • Improved lifetime and reliability


Direct liquid-cooling technology

Offering highly efficient direct liquid cooling, our patented ShowerPower® concept utilizes several meandering cooling channels to guide the coolant along the baseplate. This design improves thermal performance by creating a swirl effect in the cooling channels. This means that the coolant is constantly brought into contact with the surface that requires cooling.


  • Reduces the semiconductor area needed to achieve the desired output
  • Enables highest power density on the market
  • Eliminates the need for thermal interface material
  • Low differential pressure-drop
  • Homogeneous cooling
  • Increases system lifetime
  • More efficient than standard cooling

Transfer Molding

Robust packages for reliability and longer life

Electric drivetrains operate under demanding conditions benefit from our unique transfer molded packaging design. Sealed and protected against vibrations and humidity, the inverter provides stable and reliable. Transfer molding in combination with our Bond Buffer technology allows for more extreme temperature cycling and higher junction temperatures to increase power density.


  • Superior mechanical robustness
  • Stable at higher operation temperatures and temperature cycles
  • Increased power density
  • Protected against humidity
  • Longer lifetime

Customize Your Power Solution

Our DCM platform allows you to design the power module to fit your application, rather than designing your application to fit a standard power module.

Our experts help you to custom tailor a solution that perfectly matches your system requirements on all essential parameters. The platform is based on a modular approach, which clears the path for scalable and cost-effective solutions that are easily integrated into the drivetrain design.

Choose Your Chip – we are Fully Compatible

The DCM is semiconductor independent and compatible with any type of chip from any manufacturer that you choose to partner with. We are not tied to a particular chip manufacturer, which means we can accommodate both your first choice and your back-up provider in case of supply shortage.

On a system level, chip independence means that the DCM platform is Si and SiC compatible and covers a full range of IGBT and MOSFET applications for higher inverter efficiency. This flexibility allows you to use a mix of semiconductors, enhancing module performance while ensuring maximum efficiency, cost-effectiveness and supply security.