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SEMIPACK® Benefits

SEMIPACK delivers a well-established industrial standard regarding footprint and module outline. Thanks to the comprehensive product range, the ideal solution can be found for any application.

SEMIPACK® Short Facts

  • Established thyristor diode package
  • Over 40 years of market experience
  • Wide power and topology range

SEMIPACK® Key Features

  • Industrial standard thyristor/diode modules
  • 800V up to 2200V
  • 18A up to 1360A
  • Uncontrolled, half-controlled and full-controlled rectifier half-bridge module
  • Modules with single thyristors or diodes
  • Fast diode modules, also with CAL and SiC diodes

SEMIPACK® Applications

The target applications for the thyristor, thyristor/diode or diode modules include input rectifiers (single-phase, three-phase, uncontrolled, half-controlled or full-controlled) for inverters or UPS systems, soft start applications and control systems.

SEMIPACK® Product Range

The SEMIPACK product line is a comprehensive product range with six module lines covering voltage classes from 800V to 2200V, insulation voltages of 3.6kV, 4.8kV@1s and rated currents from 18A to 1360A. The SEMIPACK product line includes uncontrolled, half-controlled and full-controlled rectifier modules. Also available are custom topologies, single thyristor or diode modules and SEMIPACK modules featuring fast switching diodes for dedicated applications. The SEMIPACK FAST diode module product line covers a current range from 40A to 600A with voltage classes from 600V to 1700V. The portfolio of the SEMIPACK product line is extended continuously to meet market requirements.

Comprehensive product range in six housing sizes

SEMIPACK® Thyristor/Diode Modules

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