Diode/Thyristor Stacks

Standard assemblies for diode/thyristor rectifiers and AC controllers


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Diode/Thyristor Stacks Benefits

The SEMISTACK CLASSIC family offers a pre-qualified power assembly ready for integration with rigorous qualification tests and current environmental standards. The platform design has been optimised to achieve the best balance between costs and performance for powerful rectifiers and AC controllers up to the megawatt range.

Diode/Thyristor Stacks Short Facts

  • Off-the-shelf product range
  • Air-cooled power assemblies
  • Ready for integration
  • Customizable

Diode/Thyristor Stacks Key Features

  • Various topologies (B6U, B6HK, B6C, B2U, B2HK, B2C, W3C, W3C2, W1C)
  • Maximum continuous DC Current from 60A to 4015A
  • Rectifier AC voltage of up to 500VAC
  • DC voltage of up to 670VDC
  • Optional RC snubbers, fuses, cooling fans and thermal switches

Diode/Thyristor Stacks Applications

The SEMISTACK CLASSIC product range is designed for fast integration of industrial rectifiers and AC controllers. Each power stack has been sized to embed semiconductors with a suitable RC commutation topology, proper AC fuses and cooling devices. The high power range has been improved using a new heatsink profile, resulting in modularity, various fan options, low maintenance and weight reductions.

Diode/Thyristor Stacks Product Range

The SEMISTACK family consists of a broad portfolio of over 200 stacks with different topologies of uncontrolled, half-controlled and fully controlled rectifiers. These products are available with natural or forced cooling, with or without fuses. All SEMISTACK Classics include RC snubber circuitry and are optimized for fast cabinet integration.


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