IGBT Generation 7

The New Workhorse in Power Electronics

The latest IGBT chip technology

Available in 650V, 950V and 1200V the generation 7 IGBTs represent the latest IGBT chip technology.

The new 1200V IGBTs are specifically designed to match the requirements of motor drive application. At SEMIKRON, they are available from two suppliers, the IGBT T7 and IGBT M7. Both IGBTs come with a significantly lower forward voltage drop Vce,sat and deliver optimised switching performance. Thanks to roughly 25% smaller chips at same nominal current, higher current ratings can be fit into existing power module packages. Additionally, all IGBT Generation 7 feature an improved humidity robustness, further improving reliability in harsh environmental conditions.

In application, the 1200V IGBT Generation 7 provides reduced power losses or increased maximum output power and power density. This translates into lower system costs. As to motor drives, the generation 7 IGBT will initially be introduced into conventional drive topologies: CIB (Converter-Inverter-Brake), sixpack and half-bridge configurations. For low and medium power drives, MiniSKiiP and SEMITOP E1/E2 with IGBT T7 are the first available choice. For higher power classes IGBT M7 is available in SEMiX 3 press-fit and SEMiX 6 press-fit. More power modules are to follow.

The 950V IGBTs are specifically designed for Solar applications and are available in two different flavours, S7 and L7. While S7 exhibits the lowest switching losses, the L7 chips are designed for a very low forward voltage drop Vce,sat. Both chips operate in perfectly in combination with sophisticated 3-Level topologies such as ANPC (Active Neutral Point Clamp). With this they serve Solar and Energy Storage System applications with DC bus voltages up to 1500VDC.

For low/medium power motor drives, solar and energy storage applications


Solder-free spring technology for minimum assembly time

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Exceeding the standard for superior performance

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For medium and high power motor drives

SEMiX® 3 Press-Fit

Exceeding the standard for superior performance and full motor drive solution with rectifier, brake chopper and half-bridge

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SEMiX® 6

The complete press-fit standard

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  • Latest Generation IGBTs from two different suppliers
  • 1200V IGBTs optimized for motor drive applications
  • Reduced saturation voltage and chip size
  • Higher nominal currents in the same power module
  • Up to 20% higher module output power
  • Lower overall system costs
  • 950V IGBTs optimized for solar and energy storage applications, in 3-level topologies up to 1500VDC