IGBT Generation 7

The New Workhorse in Power Electronics

The Latest IGBT Chip Technology

Available in 650V, 950V, 1200V and 1700V the Generation 7 IGBTs represent the latest IGBT chip technology.

The new 1200V IGBTs are specifically designed to match the requirements of motor drive applications. Semikron Danfoss offers 1200V devices from two suppliers: T7 and M7. Both IGBTs come with a significantly lower forward voltage drop, Vce,sat, and deliver optimized switching performance. Thanks to roughly 25% smaller chips at the same nominal current, higher current ratings can fit into existing power module packages. Additionally, all Generation 7 IGBTs feature improved humidity robustness, further improving reliability in harsh environmental conditions.

In applications, the 1200V Generation 7 IGBTs provide reduced power losses or increased maximum output power and power density. This translates into lower system costs. For motor drives, the Generation 7 IGBTs are available in conventional topologies: Converter Inverter Brake (CIB), sixpack and half-bridge configurations. For low and medium power drives, MiniSKiiP and SEMITOP E1/E2 with IGBT T7 are the first choice. For medium to high power classes, IGBT M7 is available in SEMiX 3 Press-Fit and SEMiX 6 Press-Fit. For the highest-power systems, SEMITRANS 10 is available in a 3-level split-NPC (Neutral Point Clamp) configuration with IGBT M7.

The 950V Generation 7 IGBTs are specifically designed for solar applications and are available in two different flavors, S7 and L7. While S7 exhibits the lowest switching losses, the L7 chips are designed for a very low forward voltage drop, Vce,sat. Both chips operate perfectly in combination with sophisticated 3-level topologies such as ANPC (Active Neutral Point Clamp). With this, they serve solar and energy storage system applications with DC bus voltages up to 1500VDC.

For Low/Medium Power Motor Drives, Solar and Energy Storage Applications


Solder-free spring technology for minimum assembly time

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Exceeding the standard for superior performance

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For Medium and High Power Motor Drives

SEMiX® 3 Press-Fit

Exceeding the standard for superior performance and full motor drive solution with rectifier, brake chopper and half-bridge

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SEMiX® 6 press-fit

The complete press-fit standard

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  • Latest Generation 7 IGBTs from two different suppliers
  • 1200V IGBTs optimized for motor drive applications
  • Higher allowable operating temperature during temporary overloads
  • Reduced saturation voltage and chip size
  • Higher nominal currents in the same power module
  • Up to 20% higher module output power
  • Lower overall system costs
  • 950V IGBTs optimized for solar and energy storage applications, in 3-level topologies up to 1500VDC