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Drivers for Power Semiconductors

High Performance Inverters Need Robust Drivers

The power electronic sector is always on the move, following the latest trends and facing upcoming challenges. In this rapidly changing environment, one thing is constant: the attempt to make power electronic designs more compact while simultaneously increasing output power.

Highly integrated IGBT driver: SKYPER 12 press-fit

As the interface between the power module and control electronics, a gate driver stands as a vital aspect in achieving desired system performance. The ability to switch safely and reliably while providing system protection in any defined state of operation becomes a fundamental criterion of a gate driver.

New chip generations allow for faster switching, which requires improvement of over-voltage management. Furthermore, the reduced short-circuit capability that comes with the chip development trend shows that faster and more accurate error management is indispensable. Increasing power density demands an unerring robustness of a gate driver against noise.

Our gate drivers keep up with the technological progress of power modules, providing EMC ruggedness, high output power, high peak output current capability, as well as advanced protection features.