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Have you ever asked yourself "Have I selected the right power semiconductors?" If so, then check out SemiSel — Semikron Danfoss' simulation tool for losses and temperatures, the perfect aid to help you select the right power semiconductors for the specific needs of your application.


Meeting the demand for greater efficiency or more compact designs with increased power density, while ensuring a short time-to-market and keeping costs on track are but a few of the challenges facing power electronic developers. They have to select the right components in a market with huge product diversity. This is where SemiSel comes in, an efficient selection tool that will help product developers make the right decisions. SemiSel remains the most comprehensive free tool of its kind and can be used to investigate power electronic circuits under different operating conditions, providing a good balance between user-friendliness, complex functions, and speed. The calculation functions range from simple nominal operating conditions and specific overload to complex calculations for entire load cycles or mission profiles. A new simulation core ensures optimized performance with fast results thanks to the option of switching from average simulation method to time continuous mode for critical situations such as low frequency or 0Hz inverter operation.

SemiSel is used to compare products under application-like conditions, considering the influence of voltage level, switching frequency or cooling conditions. SemiSel provides the necessary data on device losses and temperatures, allowing you to specify cooling requirements at an early stage of product development.


Today, SemiSel supports 27 different power electronic circuits that can be used in any kind of application, covering everything from a simple single-phase rectifier for a standard purpose drive to different three-level inverter topologies for solar or UPS applications. You can simulate a DC/DC converter for a battery charger or an active front-end inverter for an elevator if that’s your field of application. Thanks to our new software concept, new circuitries can be implemented quickly into the software, as new trends emerge in the market.

Product range

Available for all SEMIKRON products

  • Line rectifier diodes and thyristors
  • IGBT, soft recovery diodes
  • SiC-MOSFET or Schottky diodes
  • From 3A to 6000A rated current
  • From 55V to 3300V devices

Key Features

  • 27 different power electronic circuits can be simulated
  • Simulations with different degrees of complexity
  • From simple nominal conditions to complex mission profiles
  • Cooling conditions for air and liquid cooled systems 
  • Efficiency and temperatures at a glance

Advanced Features

With SemiSel, all SEMIKRON products can be simulated completely anonymously and without registration. After registration, however, SemiSel unfolds its true capabilities. Beyond basic functions like saving simulation results or loading simulations from a previous session, there is so much more in store! The new export feature means simulations can be shared with colleagues or customers, for example. Device parameters can be changed to allow you to investigate switching losses for different gate resistors or the influence of maximum forward voltage. The all-new SemiSel has all sorts of hidden gems to discover!

  • Register to create your own account
  • Log in to benefit from additional features like save, load and share simulations, modification options for device properties and much more
  • Stay in touch with the SemiSel support team
  • Start a simulation as an anonymous user for quick and easy power semiconductor selection
SemiSel Advanced Features

SemiSel – Power Semiconductor Selection in 5 Steps

1. Topology and Circuit Selection

SemiSel Topology and Circuit Selection

Select a power electronic circuit that fits your application requirements at the click of a button, from a simple single-phase rectifier for a standard purpose drive to different three-level inverter topologies for solar or UPS applications. The all-new SemiSel has a total of 27 to choose from – six brand new circuits alongside 21 from the previous version.

  • 27 different power electronic circuits grouped by electric energy transformation method
  • Circuit selection at the touch of a button

2. Circuit Conditions Definition

SemiSel Circuit Conditions Definition

Precise specifications for the electric operating conditions are needed if temperature and loss calculations are to be reliable. Depending on the specifications entered, SemiSel will tell you what product, if any, meets your requirements. Besides nominal operating conditions, you can also calculate a certain overload current for a specified time or upload a table with a complex mission profile with varying parameters. The new SemiSel comes with a number of new features such as different control strategies for PWM inverters and the consideration of temperature ripple with output frequency for all circuits.

  • Inverter with different control strategies
  • High current ripple (THD) factored in for rectifiers and AC controllers
  • Simple overload or upload of complex mission profiles in table form

3. Power Semiconductor Selection

SemiSel Power Semiconductor Selection

Simple single-phase rectifiers for standard drives, three-stage inverter topologies for solar or UPS applications, DC / DC converters for a battery charger or active front-end inverters for elevators—SemiSel helps you select the right power module whatever the field of application. Choose from the automatic product recommendation feature or advanced product filters to find the perfect match. Registered users can even modify a variety of product parameters such as the gate resistor to adapt switching speed to see the influence on switching losses.

  • Select a product from a broad portfolio to meet your needs
  • Use filter options for electrical and case properties
  • Do a plain text data base search
  • Modify the gate resistor to adapt switching speed and see the influence on switching losses

4. Heatsink Definition

SemiSel Heatsink Definition

To make the right choice of power semiconductor, it is important to factor in realistic cooling conditions. Heatsink properties differ depending of the number, size and arrangement of power modules. To help you with the heatsink specifications, whether for an air or liquid cooled system, SemiSel will recommend a thermal impedance for a typical heatsink for your application. Alternatively, you can enter the thermal impedance of your own heatsink, which will then be factored into the calculation. For products such as SKiiP or Stacks that come assembled on a heatsink, pre-defined heatsinks are available.

  • Freely defined cooling conditions with proposals for air or liquid cooled heatsinks
  • Adapt heatsink dimensions and volume of air or liquid
  • Select pre-defined heatsinks for SKiiP and other semiconductors

5. Simulation Results Analysis

SemiSel Result Analysis

Have you found the perfect module for your application? SemiSel's simulation report will help you answer this question. Detailed reports of the behavior of any individual switch at any given moment of the simulation, whether under normal or overload conditions, are the perfect way to view the results of your simulation quickly and easily. Plus, simulation reports can be saved and exported to share with your colleagues or customers.

  • Temperatures and losses at nominal conditions and for overload
  • Results for all semiconductor available in the ”Details“ section
  • Zoom in to investigate regions of interest more closely
  • Download your results as a PDF document