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Diode and thyristor bare die products

CAL (Controlled Axial Lifetime) freewheeling diodes are available in 600V / 650V, 1200V, and 1700V voltage classes with current ratings of up to 210A. Depending on the frequency of the target application, custom-designed switching properties are also available.

Rectifier diodes and thyristors are designed for the 1600V voltage class, covering a wide range of current ratings up to 840A, equivalent to a die size of more than 500mm2. Variable configurations of the thyristor gate (corner vs. centre gate) allow for optimised bond layout in the respective target design on the customer side.

All the chips cover Semikron Danfoss` extensive module and system range, which means a proven history of outstanding performance and reliability. They are compatible with various connection and assembly technologies. Customers can benefit from the wealth and depth of application knowledge that the Semikron Danfoss engineering team has.