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Tailored to Your Needs

Besides standard configurations, SEMIKRON also offers customer-specific topologies in various housings, addressing the market need for innovation and differentiation. SEMIKRON has established a support and production structure to handle specific customer demands in a fast and effective way with a dedicated application support team, an experienced R&D team and flexible module production.


The power module market mainly uses standard electrical configurations and modules. However, new and innovative approaches are often difficult to realise with standard modules. In many cases, a custom solution is the only way to implement technological advantages along with cost effectiveness and acceptable time to market. Using standard modules, a timeconsuming development process may be needed to achieve the desired solution. Moreover, the final configuration is often characterised by a high degree of complexity, an increased volume consumption and a complicated PCB routing, which counterbalances the advantages of new concepts. Time-to-market increases, sometimes jeopardising the success of the project. Customised modules can overcome these drawbacks. Using custom electrical configurations, the number of modules can often be reduced as the customised modules are designed for a specific functionality and feature only the needed requirements. PCB design efforts are reduced, saving development time and cost. A reduced bill of materials and easier logistics are achieved. In addition, a lower complexity of the final design leads to easier and more straightforward assembly processes. Custom solutions are often the best way to implement innovative concepts, are cost effective, can reduce time to market and lead to competitive products.

Key features

  • Innovative chip and packaging technologies in customised modules
  • SEMIKRON reliability approval
  • Global technical support and direct customer relationship
  • Short time for customer feedback and delivery of samples
  • Broad technical competence on chips, technologies, production processes, products and platforms
  • Application expertise


Especially in UPS, solar and process control, new concepts and technologies are a key element in market success. Higher efficiency, new chip technologies such as SiC, advanced multilevel configurations or specifi c topologies support solutions which are not only on a high performance level, but are also cost eff ective and competitive.

Product range

SEMIKRON customer-specific power modules (CSPM) include chip technologies such as rectifier diodes and CAL freewheeling diodes, thyristors, IGBT‘s, standard and high voltage MOSFETs and the latest SiC diodes/MOSFETs. Package technology ranges from single DCB substrates to complete power modules with and without baseplate. A wide range of topologies in different module platforms are possible, such as:

  • NPC and TNPC, double boost, interleaved boost in SEMITOP ans SKiM 4/5 up to 125kW
  • Dedicated topologies for welding and battery chargers in SEMITOP up to 50 kW
  • Dedicated solution for process control inside SEMITRANS

Lower complexity

Space occupancy with respect to heat sink dimensions in %
  • Saves space by the usage of power modules instead of discretes
  • Easier PCB routing
  • Reduced bill of materials
  • Simplified logistics and production

Fast time to market

Assembly time in %
  • Reduction of development time efforts
  • Shorter assembly time with fewer parts to manage
  • Short time to market