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Semikron Danfoss offers a large catalog of power modules in industry standard form factors and circuits. However, some applications require a solution that is not readily available in the market. In these cases, Semikron Danfoss can offer custom power modules based on customer requirements. We have a flexible support and production structure to handle specific customer demands in a fast and effective way. Our experienced sales, application, and product management teams are ready to discuss your application.


With such a large product portfolio, Semikron Danfoss can offer many options for customizing modules within existing housings. This leverages the reliability and volume production of existing mechanical designs without incurring large tooling costs and R&D expenses.

Customization mainly occurs inside the module, where chips in existing circuits can be replaced based on application requirements. As a chip-independent module manufacturer, Semikron Danfoss has close relationships with multiple suppliers of silicon IGBT chips which are optimized for the task at hand; e.g. low conduction or switching losses. For the highest switching frequencies and highest efficiency, Semikron Danfoss has access to the latest silicon carbide MOSFETs from leading chip manufacturers. Our application engineers are familiar with different topologies and control techniques to optimize chip selection per circuit position.

If existing circuits are not suitable, new topologies can be implemented to give customers a unique position in the market. This includes optimized versions of modern 3-level topologies such as ANPC and TNPC, as well as multiple boost circuits with bypass diodes in a single package. Our experienced design team uses the latest software tools, coupled with decades of power module layout experience to ensure electrical and thermal design rules are met.

Thermally demanding applications may benefit from more exotic substrate materials that are cost-prohibitive in commodity product. Semikron Danfoss has years of experience offering alternative DBC substrate ceramics and is also experienced with technologies such as active metal brazed (AMB) substrates.

Key Features

  • Unique circuit topologies
  • Optimized switch ratings in different circuit positions
  • Specialized (application-specific) chips
  • High performance substrates
  • Alternate pinouts


Certain markets seek unique solutions to take advantage of new technological trends or provide competitive differentiation. In Solar and Energy Storage Systems, this includes the use of optimized chips in certain circuit positions, for example chips optimized low- or high- frequency in certain positions in 3-level circuits. The latest silicon carbide chips can be implemented in existing topologies when high switching frequency is required, such as in the H-bridge circuits in EV Chargers. In UPS Systems, unique boost circuits with multiple switches are combined in single modules.

Product Range

Semikron Danfoss customer-specific power modules (CSPM) incorporate chip technologies such as rectifier diodes and CAL freewheeling diodes, thyristors, IGBTs, MOSFETs, and the latest SiC devices. Package technology ranges from single DBC substrates to complete power modules, with and without baseplate. Prime module platforms for customization include:

  • SEMITOP Classic
  • SEMiX 5
  • SEMITRANS Classic

Lower Complexity

Space occupancy with respect to heat sink dimensions in %
  • Saves space by using a single power module instead of multiple transistor outline (TO) discrete packages
  • Higher speed switching due to reduced lead inductance
  • Easier trace routing on PCBs
  • Reduced assembly time
  • Simplified logistics