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Leading Chip and Packaging Technology for Maximum Energy Efficiency


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SiC Modules – 10kW up to 350kW

SEMIKRON Silicon Carbide power modules: Industry standard package outlines combined with sophisticated packaging technologies and the latest SiC chips.

Silicon Carbide Power Modules Benefits

SEMIKRON‘s hybrid SiC and SiC MOSFET power modules combine the benefits of proven industry standard power modules with SEMIKRON packaging technologies. Thanks to various packaging optimizations, all the benefits that silicon carbide offers can be fully exploited.

A low module commutation inductance allows for full speed switching of SiC MOSFETs. The higher switching speeds can be converted into higher switching frequencies, resulting in smaller magnetic filter components. At the same time the switching losses can be reduced, increasing system efficiency. Sophisticated materials and packaging technologies minimize the thermal resistance of the chip to the heatsink, enabling higher power densities.

Silicon Carbide Power Modules Key Features

  • Higher switching frequencies allow for optimised and lower-cost filter components
  • Reduced power losses boost efficiency and lower the system costs and size thanks to more compact cooling devices
  • Latest SiC chips from leading suppliers
  • Standard industry packages, optimised to the requirements of SiC: low inductance, low thermal resistance
  • Optimised chipsets for your application

Silicon Carbide Power Modules Applications

  • Solar inverters: highest efficiency in booster and inverter applications using 3-level topologies, incl. ANPC and flying capacitor boosters
  • Energy storage systems: maximum efficiency and low audible noise in 2- and 3-level topologies
  • UPS: high efficiency double conversion systems
  • Motor drives: active front end and motor inverter with hybrid and SiC MOSFET sixpacks and half-bridges
  • Power supplies: auxiliary supplies for traction applications, induction heating, etc.

Leading Chip and Packaging Technology for Maximum Energy Efficiency

Hybrid SiC modules: 50% lower power losses and easy implementation

  • Combination of IGBT switches with silicon carbide Schottky free-wheeling diodes
  • Virtually no diode switching losses and significantly reduced IGBT turn-on losses
  • Combination of high-speed IGBT and SiC Schottky diode result in 50% lower switching losses
  • Easy implementation of cost optimised SiC solution:
    no major driver or system design change required; small SiC chip area limits additional expense;higher efficiency, higher switching frequency

References: Solar inverters, energy storage systems, high power car charging stations, high efficiency and high-speed motor drives

    SiC MOSFET modules: Unmatched efficiency and performance

    • Excellent efficiency at maximum switching frequency.
    • Latest silicon carbide MOSFET technology
    • Optimised chipsets to meet customer requirements
    • With and without SiC Schottky free-wheeling diode

    References: Solar inverters, traction auxiliary power supplies, sports and racing cars

    SEMIKRON packaging technologies and leading chip suppliers

    • Optimised power modules with minimum inductance to facilitate fast switching
    • Minimum thermal resistance thanks to the use of sophisticated packaging technologies
    • Application specific chipsets that are perfectly aligned with customer requirements
    • Wide power range from 10 to 350kW in SiC MOSFET and hybrid SiC modules
    • Full range of industry standard packages
    • SiC Schottky diodes and MOSFETs from leading chip suppliers

    Silicon Carbide Power Modules Product Range

    Our products cover a power range from 10kW to 350kW in 1200V and come in seven different packages. MiniSKiiP and SEMITOP represent the low power range of up to 25kW, both baseplateless. The MiniSKiiP comes with tried and tested SPRiNG technology as a hybrid SiC 6-pack. The first and second generation SEMITOP modules help achieve maximum flexibility in combination with the industry standard package SEMITOP E1/E2.

    The medium and high-power range is covered by SEMITRANS 3, SKiM63/93 and SEMiX 3 Press-Fit, available in SiC hybrid and SiC MOSFET topologies for up to 600A nominal chip current. Fast rectifier modules with SiC Schottky diodes are also available in SEMIPACK and SEMITOP packages.

    SiC MOSFET Modules

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    Hybrid SiC Modules

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    SEMITOP E1/E2 Silicon Carbide MOSFET Platform

    The SEMITOP E1/E2 silicon carbide MOSFET platform delivers the latest SiC MOSFET (Generation 3) in 3 different topologies: sixpack, half-bridge and H-bridge.

    The SEMITOP E2 half-bridges come in two different pin-outs:

    • Pin-out 1 allows for a multiple-sourcing strategy down to the chip level
    • Pin-out 2 is highly optimized for easy PCB designs and paralleling several power modules.

    The SEMITOP E1/E2 Silicon Carbide features a low specific resistance (specific Rds,on) temperature coefficient. Combined with one of the lowest thermal resistance values of the module package this leads to unprecedented performance. The Rds,on temperature coefficient is as low as 0.1mΩ/K.

    Thanks to thorough simulations during the design phase, all modules are designed for highest switching speeds, exhibiting high performance and stable operation at the same time. The high value of the ratio of input capacitance to Miller capacitance (ciss/crss) protects against parasitic turn-on.

    Pin-out optimized for parallel connection and easy PCB design
    SEMITOP Type NameTopologyNominal CurrentRds,on (25°C)PackagePin-out
    SK40MD120CR03ETE1Sixpack40A32mΩSEMITOP E1Multiple Sourcing
    SK40MH120CR03TE1H-Bridge40A32mΩSEMITOP E1Multiple Sourcing


    H-Bridge80A16mΩSEMITOP E1Multiple Sourcing
    SK40MB120CR03TE1Half-Bridge40A32mΩSEMITOP E1Multiple Sourcing
    SK80MB120CR03TE1Half-Bridge80A16mΩSEMITOP E1Multiple Sourcing
    SK150MB120CR03TE2Half-Bridge150A8mΩSEMITOP E2Multiple Sourcing
    SK200MB120CR03TE2Half-Bridge200A6.4mΩSEMITOP E2Multiple Sourcing
    SK250MB120CR03TE2Half-Bridge250A5.3mΩSEMITOP E2Multiple Sourcing
    SK250MB120CR03TE2V1Half-Bridge250A5.3mΩSEMITOP E2Optimized Paralleling