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Semikron Danfoss for Highly Integrated IPMs

SKiiP technology combines IGBT module, gate drive and cooling technology in one, perfectly matched setup. Final testing at the end of production, including a one-hour burn-in test, ensures the highest reliability in the application.

The SKiiP IPM 1200V and 1700V product lines set a benchmark for high performance and robust inverter designs. Both SKiiP 3 and SKiiP 4 feature high power densities combined with flexible cooling options, such as air and liquid cooling or customised heat sinks. Reliable driver technology, integrated current sensors and comprehensive protection functions complete the IPM design.

SKiiP 3 has propagated widely through the industrial drive segment. With its sixpack and  half-bridge topologies, it covers a current range from 500A up to 2400A.

The SKiiP 4, available in a half-bridge topology, has been optimized for the highest power cycling requirements and covers the higher power range up to 3600A.