Multiple Source Power Modules with ROHM 1200V RGA IGBTs

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A True Alternative to Generation 7 IGBTs for Industrial Motor Drives

The worldwide growth in electrification technologies has created unprecedented demand for power modules. The chip supply often limits power module availability, and the sourcing situation remains tight. For this reason, Semikron Danfoss has partnered with ROHM to supply their new 1200V RGA IGBT. With a line-up of industry standard housings, there is now a true alternative to Generation 7 IGBT power modules.

Product Features

  • Newly designed 1200V, trench gate, light punch through IGBT with Tj,max = 175°C
  • Optimized for industrial drive applications in the low to medium power range
  • High peak current capability
  • Humidity-robust
  • Low thermal resistance
  • True multiple source alternative to Generation 7 IGBT equipped power modules


The 1200V ROHM RGA IGBT, like Generation 7 IGBT, exhibits a low forward voltage drop. The switching behavior is remarkably similar with proper gate resistor selection. An optimized chip size means that the RGA has superior thermal performance in motor drive applications from 1…10kHz.

Product Offering

MiniSKiiP products for motor drives in CIB and sixpack topologies

Semikron Danfoss can offer the ROHM 1200V RGA IGBT in a full range of nominal current classes from 10A to 150A. The first RGA-equipped MiniSKiiPs will be available in sixpack (“AC”) and converter-inverter-brake (“NAB”) topologies to allow for pin-compatible replacements to Generation 7 IGBT equipped modules. With two decades of proven reliability, the MiniSKiiP is well established in motor drive applications and the latest iterations come with pre-applied High Performance Thermal Paste (HPTP).

SEMITOP products for motor drives in CIB and sixpack topologies

For press-fit/solder applications, the industry-standard SEMITOP E family will offer sixpack (“GD”) and converter-inverter-brake (“DGDL”) circuit configurations. The SEMITOP E package is fully compatible with other industry standard offerings and features a unique pressure design for superior thermal performance. The SEMITOP E is available with pre-applied HPTP or the new Semikron Danfoss exclusive pre-applied High Performance Phase Change Material (HP-PCM) for ease-of-handling during assembly.

In Semikron Danfoss power modules, the use of 1200V RGA IGBT will be indicated by the “12RA” nomenclature, e.g. a MiniSKiiP CIB module with a 35A nominal current rating will be named SKiiP 24NAB12RAV1.