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When Time to Market Counts

“When time to market counts our customers use our state-of-the-art power converters and engineering expertise to be a step ahead of the competition when introducing new products to competitive markets...”

(Aseem Wahi, Head of Product Management – Solutions Division)

We live in highly dynamic times, in which markets evolve rapidly and competition is global. Semikron Danfoss` Power Electronic Stacks enable our customers to prosper in these markets and meet any challenge.

We are proud to present our comprehensive portfolio of power electronic assemblies that include the outstanding innovations we have achieved over a period of 40 years of successful stack design.

Our services are as multifaceted as our customers, highlighted by these four distinctive attributes: time to market, cost savings, global production and engineering experience. Our passion for power electronics and our commitment to high-performance design are the factors that make us your ultimate partner for value creation in the dynamic power electronics market.

Experience in Different Markets

With more than 100,000 stacks in the field, Semikron Danfoss is the global market leader for power electronic stacks. We provide stacks to the world’s leading electrical industries and over the years have gained vast experience in all relevant applications, each with their own specific constraints. Our expertise ranges from mature applications, like motor drives and renewable energy, to new markets, such as energy storage and DC grids.

On account of the high rate of product innovation, these markets are highly dynamic and involve a high level of risk. Semikron Danfoss` all-around services for power electronic stacks enable companies to participate in these markets on time and with less risk.

Semikron Danfoss products are instrumental in providing energy savings through the efficient use of electrical energy.

Our expertise ranges

  • Motor drives
    Converters for all types of electric motors utilized in industry. Semikron Danfoss power electronic stacks help to maximize the efficiency in any 2- or 4-quadrant drive.
  • Wind energy
    Power stacks are used in converters and in the drives controlling the blade pitch. Almost one in two wind turbines in the world is equipped with Semikron Danfoss power modules and stacks.
  • Solar energy
    With the focus on cost and efficiency in photovoltaic systems, Semikron Danfoss supplies products ranging from medium power multi-string inverters to megawatt central inverters.
  • Car charger stations
    EV charging based on DC transmission to the electric vehicle requires extremely powerful semiconductors. Reliable and efficient Semikron Danfoss power stacks are boosting the distance expansion of e-mobility.
  • Energy storage
    High-performance energy storage systems are essential to ensure permanent grid stability, providing smoother integration of renewable energy sources into the grid. Semikron Danfoss supplies a variety of power stacks that are highly suitable for this application.
  • Urban transport equipment
    Electrical transportation applications – with their cyclic operating profile and continuous auxiliary supply for several years of operation – require a high degree of reliability of the drive systems.

Solutions for all Requirements

Power electronic stacks are assemblies that include the power semiconductor modules, gate driver, snubber capacitors, protection, DC-link capacitors and cooling.

Our product portfolio ranges from off-the-shelf platforms – with short lead times and delivered ready to install – to customized stacks with different levels of integration, from modules on heat sinks to fully integrated cabinets.

Product Lines

The Semikron Danfoss philosophy is to use proven standard platforms wherever possible, both for standardized products and customized designs. Costs and delivery times are reduced to a minimum.

Through the use of state-of-the-art technology we guarantee the highest possible performance of our power electronic stacks. The latest materials are available – such as wide-bandgap semiconductors and aluminum nitride DBC substrates – as well as special topologies, e.g. three-level or five-level inverters. Semikron Danfoss supplies a full range of power stacks designed to match – thanks to our dedicated engineering competency – the level of innovation that the application permits. Some of the latest examples of our stacks are based on the most recent advances in technology, enabling us to deliver the best results to our customers.

Four Key Factors for Your Success

The experience we have gained in over 40 years of high-performance stack design has reinforced the four essential ingredients needed for your success. In emerging markets, where new product innovation is essential, companies need to be nimble and have a fast time to market.

In global markets, multiple production locations play a vital role in ensuring rapid deployment to more than one country, while also meeting local demand and building customer relationships. Quality and cost control are crucial factors in the longterm success of any project. Finally, success in highly competitive markets is underpinned by superior technical capability. All of these four prerequisites are addressed by Semikron Danfoss`power electronic stacks.

Semikron Danfoss Four Key Factors for Your Success

Time to market

Cost control

Global production

Engineering experience

Quality & efficiency

When Time to Market Counts