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SKAI® HV – Ultra Compact Converter for Electrified Utility Vehicles


SKAI HV comprises a versatile 3-phase AC/DC and DC/AC converter platform designed for electrified vehicles. It covers key requirements such as high-power density, exceptional ruggedness and automotive EMI compliance. The integrated motor control software SKAIware ensures highly efficient operation of the electric drive train.

SKAI® HV Benefits

The SKAI HV power electronic platform comprises highly integrated converters which provide the ideal powertrain solution for electric and hybrid electric vehicle applications. Power densities up to 25kVA / l bring a notable size reduction compared with other available standard converter products. The products operate with supply voltages of 120V to 800V and output power ratings up to 300kVA. Thanks to the power interface mechanical design, the SKAI HV connections reduce assembly space requirements as well as the installation requirements within the vehicle.

The IGBT-based SKAI HV converter operates on sintered 100% solder-free 1200V power semiconductors and features polypropylene film DC-link capacitors. The DSP-based controller includes gate driver electronics, as well as current, voltage and temperature sensors, all integrated into a waterproof IP67 enclosure. The compact SKAI HV inverter withstands high vibration amplitudes of up to 10gRMS. The embedded SKAIware motor control software adds functionality to the system and completes this lab- and field-tested package.

Coupled with the motor control software SKAIware, the SKAI HV monitors the individual power semiconductor junction temperatures in real time. In this way, the fatigue parameter “junction temperature increase” can be influenced as needed and challenging operating conditions managed. Depending on the software parameterisation, it is possible to limit the junction temperature by de-rating instantaneous power losses in real time. In principle, this can be achieved by reducing the actual output current or the switching frequency. The vehicle might slightly de-rate its actual performance as a result, but it will not stop operating. By incorporating the intelligent control feature, the drivetrain performance is more rugged, and the expected service life can be guaranteed.

SKAI® HV Key Features

  • Optimized control of permanent magnet synchronous, AC induction and brushless DC motors or generators
  • Torque and speed control mode
  • Field weakening control and de-rating function
  • Gate drive interface (optional)
  • IP67 enclosure
  • High power density
  • High power cycling and temperature cycling capability thanks to sintered power semiconductors
  • EMI compliant in accordance with UNECE R10
  • Additional engineering services on request

SKAI® HV Applications

The SKAI HV "Off-the-Shelf" converter family has been introduced to cover a broad range of vehicle electrification applications. Examples are electric drivetrains with standardised motor/generator flanges for easy integration into existing vehicle designs. These drivetrains have been developed for many vehicle types, i.e. buses, lightweight trucks, agriculture and construction machinery as well as marine applications or cars.

Configurable Converter Platform for E-Mobility

Versatile "off-the-shelf" versions

Versatile „off-the-shelf“ versions

With integrated controller (CAN interface)

  • Full converter with generic drive control software SKAIware
  • Full converter ready to run with customer specific drive software

With integrated gate driver (switching signal interface)

  • Converter with gate driver, protection functions, current, DC-voltage, temperature sensing

Optional services available

  • End-of-line flashing of customer specific software
  • Individual parameterisation of motor control software

Versatile interfaces for signal and power

Versatile interfaces for signal and power

For motor position sensors

  • Resolver
  • Sin/Cos encoder
  • Optionally incremental encoder

For motor temperature sensors

  • KTYx/YBBxxx/PTxx/NTCxx

Multi-purpose I/O lines

  • 2 x digital in/out, 2 x analogue in

Flexible power connections

  • Cable glands 35mm2-70mm2 optional power connectors for process-safe assembly
  • Optional two DC lines for power distribution

All connections on narrow, front side of inverter

Fast drive

Fast drive commissioning

PC based configuration tool features

  • ECU/VCU simulation
  • Operating values displayed in real-time
  • Variable visualisation and recording with the integrated scope function
  • Configuration via parameter sets
  • CAN logger for supervising and data logging
  • Automated position sensor offset calibration

Additional engineering services on request

SKAI® HV Product Range

The liquid cooled SKAI HV is available with 1200V power semiconductors. Depending on the application setup, the superior vehicle controller can interface to SKAI HV via CANbus based speed or torque control commands or, alternatively, with power semiconductor switching commands.

SKAI® HV Product Portfolio

1200V IGBT
SKAI 45 A2 GD12-xQ | with motor control software SKAIware
SKAI 45 A2 GD12-xC | with controller
SKAI 45 A2 GD12-xD | with gate driver