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SEMiSTART® Benefits

SEMiSTART is a family of power modules with integrated heatsink for ultra-compact designs for soft-start applications. Double-sided cooling and pressure contact technology allow for high current capability with an overload rating up to 3080A for 20 seconds. SEMiSTART is a robust Plug-and-Play subsystem that helps cut development time and system costs.

SEMiSTART® Short Facts

  • Double-sided cooling for high load cycle capability
  • Robust pressure contact technology
  • Low thermal resistance

SEMiSTART® Key Features

  • Single-phase AC controller topology with two anti-parallel thyristor chips for soft-starter applications
  • From 560A to 3080A overload current
  • Qualified Plug-and-Play subsystem
  • Excellent thermal performance

SEMiSTART® Applications

As an anti-parallel thyristor module, SEMiSTART is ideal for soft-start applications.

SEMiSTART® Product Range

SEMiSTART power modules are available in three housing sizes for overload currents ranging from 560A to 3080A. All overload current classes are available for voltages of 1400V and 1800V.

SEMiSTART Product Range

SEMiSTART® Thyristor/Diode Modules

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