MOSFET inverter system up to 55kVA


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Ultra Compact MOSFET Inverter Platform

SKAI LV is the 3rd generation of industrial MOSFET inverters and constitutes the 7th generation of MOSFET inverter technology manufactured by SEMIKRON, with more than 1.5 Million MOSFET inverters in the field. The 3rd generation is a platform concept that offers a standard design or customisable to meet your needs. The converter connects easily to a customer control board for quick and easy development, while leaving the control to the customer.

3-phase MOSFET inverter system up to 55kVA

  • For material handling and battery powered vehicles
  • Voltage, current and temperature sensors
  • Gate driver with protection
  • Low inductance, low loss power section
  • DC link capacitors
  • Available on air cooler and or mounting plate
  • Easy-to-use gate driver interface
  • Power-platform for customised designs
single inverter (LxWxH in mm: 150x140x80)

SKAI® LV Key Features

  • For compact designs
  • 30kVA/l power density
  • Vbattery: 24V up to 120V
  • 600Arms peak current during acceleration
  • Easy-to-use gate driver
  • IP66 enclosure

Design platform

Design platform
  • Power-module with easy-to-use gate driver
  • Customer control board for integration into IP66 enclosure
  • Customizable
  • Design-in kit available

Simple integration in e-powertrain

Compact design - only 17cm in diameter
  • 30kVA/l power density
  • Vbattery: 24V up to 120V
  • 600Arms peak current during acceleration

Power semiconductor technology

  • Power-platform for customer control board
  • Pressure rather than solder contact power connections
  • No fatigue due to different material coefficients of thermal expansion
  • Spring contacts for auxiliary connections replace solder joints for shock and vibration ruggedness

SKAI® LV Product Portfolio

  Battery voltage Cont. current Overload 2min.
SKAI 48 A3 MD 15 – P 80V / 96V220A 460A
SKAI 41 A3 MD 10 – P 48V260A 450A