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Application Expertise is our Strength

Being able to access service, technical support and experts that our customers can always rely on is instrumental to our customers’ success.

Today, increased product diversity in power semiconductors calls for customer support far beyond the information contained in data sheets. Only comparison under application-specific conditions – such as voltage, switching frequency or cooling conditions – can demonstrate the differences in performance of available devices. That’s why we continue to invest in our professional application engineering support, including lab space and reference designs.

In recent years, we have built a network comprising 25 sites across the globe to provide fast, comprehensive application support. Our application engineering teams work both locally and globally with our customers throughout the entire project life cycle. We strive to understand and help our customers overcome both big and small challenges throughout their projects. For example, we conduct circuit topology studies to fully understand the advantages in the end user application and carry out benchmark investigations when needed. It is this „application-centred“ approach that sets us apart from others.

How can Semikron Danfoss' Application Team help you with inverter design?

Measurement Support

Our test benches enable us to test virtually any 2- and 3-level inverter topology. The DC link voltage can be adjusted up to 1500 V and the AC output currents up to 2000 A. With adjustable switching frequency, power factor and modulation rate, it is possible to test operating parameters like switching behaviour, overvoltage, efficiency and temperatures in field-like operating conditions.

DC Link Design and Capacitor Selection

The Semikron Danfoss application experts work with customers to develop low-inductance DC-link designs and help them choose the right capacitor for their individual requirements.

Insulation Coordination

Semikron Danfoss factors in all the relevant European and UL standards when defining the clearance and creepage distances in our power modules. We are happy to share our expertise with customers to help them surmount any application-specific challenges.

Application Samples

Application samples help customers by facilitating fast design-in and lab tests for our power modules and gate drivers. A list of available application samples and their technical explanations can be found in our Download Center.

Lifetime Calculations

We are able to predict the lifetime of power modules on the basis of a customer specific mission profile. This is particularly important for applications with high dynamic load variations such as elevators, servo drives and electric vehicles.

SemiSel Simulation

SemiSel is the Semikron Danfoss online calculation and simulation tool for losses, temperatures and optimum choice of power electronic components.

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Heatsink and TIM Selection

With our knowledge about heatsinks and thermal paste, the Semikron Danfoss application team helps our customer select the right products for a better cost/performance ratio and a reliable lifetime prediction.

Technical Seminars

Our technical seminars and roadmap workshops cover all the relevant topics relating to our product scope and fields of application.

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