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SKYPER® Benefits

Developed to meet the highest industrial safety and robustness requirements, the SKYPER product portfolio has a solution for nearly all applications. The SKYPER platform offers a driver solution with UL recognition, versatility and extended creepage/clearance distances. The SKYPER family achieves a robust design against external interference beyond the stipulated IEC standards with an optimized interface and adjustable settings for flexibility.

For safe IGBT gate control, all SKYPER drivers employ highly integrated ASIC technology, which guarantees minimum tolerances over the entire operational temperature range. Master short circuit conditions in standard and multilevel applications with the tailor-made error management and separated error channels. Prevent dangerous transient overvoltage conditions during turn-off with SoftOff switching technology and voltage feedback.

Adaptor boards and application samples are available for most standard power module packages, allowing fast, easy testing and commissioning.

SKYPER® Short Facts

  • Suitable for multilevel topologies, Generation 7 IGBTs and 1500VDC applications
  • Safe gate control due to robust magnetic signal transmission
  • Creepage and clearance distances provide safe operating isolation with up to 14.1mm, 12kV impulse withstand voltage capability
  • Highly integrated ASIC technology with minimal external components achieve outstanding MTBF
  • Exceptional EMC robustness beyond IEC standards

SKYPER® Key Features

  • Two IGBT driver channels
  • For IGBT modules up to 1700V
  • Up to 4.2W & 35Apk output per channel
  • Suitable for 1500VDC operating voltage
  • 100% isolation test of signal and power transformers
  • High safety isolation capability
  • Selectable multilevel error logic
  • Selectable minimum dead time
  • Selectable filter time and failure management
  • Customized Plug-and-Play drivers available
  • Wide adapter board portfolio available on request

SKYPER® Applications

High power wind, solar and energy storage applications require a powerful driver core to meet multilevel functionality and modules equipped with IGBT Generation 7. The SKYPER driver family offers a solution for the entire industrial market segment from several kilowatts to the megawatt range. 

Within the SKYPER IGBT driver family, the new PV solar driver cores provide compact driver designs suitable for 1500VDC operating voltage at up to 100kHz switching frequency.  Reach higher solar inverter power density with the SKYPER 12 PV R, which delivers 20A output peak current and 1.25W output power per channel. Master high power and add multilevel safe turn-off strategies with the new SKYPER 42 LJ PV, which provides 35A output peak current and 4.2W output power per channel.

Generic adaptor boards using the proven SKYPER driver cores provide easy-to-use R&D platforms for innovative SiC technology-based applications. In conjunction with available adaptor boards, SKYPER drivers also adapt to SiC MOSFET technology.

SKYPER® Product Range

The SKYPER drivers are available as driver cores and Plug-and-Play drivers for half-bridge and multilevel applications. The SKYPER platform drive up to 1700V IGBT modules and operates under harsh application conditions, including 1500V DC-link and ambient temperatures to 105°C.

Adaptor boards and application samples are available for most standard power module packages, allowing fast, easy testing and commissioning.


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