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New SKiiP® IPM generation SKiiP® 7

SKiiP 7 introduces a simplified design with less components, combined with high power cycling capability and environmental robustness. An updated driver using a digital topology and custom ASICs takes full advantage of Generation 7 IGBT. A modular design, with both sixpack and half-bridge configurations, allows for power levels from 150kW up to 2MW.

Optimized Performance

  • Easy paralleling
  • Generation 7 IGBT/CAL4 freewheeling diode chip set
  • State-of-the-art driver & ASICs
  • High performance water-cooled heatsink (HPC)
  • High Performance Thermal Paste (HPTP)

Extended Lifetime and Reliability

  • Superior power cycling capability with sintered dies and AlCu bond wires
  • Robust against environmental stress
  • 100% tested including Burn-In
Reliable from the first minute: new SKiiP generation SKiiP 7

SKiiP® 7 Key Features

  • Easy paralleling
  • Optimized performance with state-of-the-art driver ASIC chip set
  • 100% tested including Burn-In
  • Generation 7 IGBT/CAL4F chip set, humidity robust
  • Sintered product with AlCu bond wires
  • High performance heatsink
  • High Performance Thermal Paste

SKiiP® 7 Product Range

SKiiP 7 - 1200V sixpack 500A/600A

SKiiP 7 - 1200V half-bridge 1500A/1800A/2000A/2400A