Guidelines and principles for good business practices

Compliance is fundamental for any future business development

SEMIKRON is committed to be ethically responsible, lawful and socially sustainable and, furthermore, to conduct business according to ethical principles and practices. By participating in the UN Global Compact initiative, SEMIKRON is obliged to align its business activities and strategy to universally applied principles.

Being compliant with all laws and regulations as well as internal guidelines and rules is of the highest priority of SEMIKRON for maintaining its worldwide good reputation well known by employees, customers, suppliers, partners and in public.

In order to keep the trustfulness of our customers and to ensure high integrity and transparency of SEMIKRON’s business activities, it is essential to obtain information of any possible compliance violation.

For this reason, a reliable and effective compliance whistleblowing system is important for internal and external stakeholders, so that possible misconduct can be reported, exposed and subsequently thoroughly investigated.

Reporting of compliance violation

A compliance mailbox is provided to internal and external “whistleblowers” for reporting possible compliance violation on a confidential and, if requested, anonymous way.

SEMIKRON encourages everyone to report known or reasonable presumed misconduct via the compliance mailbox. All information received will be always confidentially treated. The whistleblower can use a pseudo email address, if an anonymous reporting is preferred. Whistleblowing in good faith will be never treated as breach of trust, disadvantaged or sanctioned at SEMIKRON.

For other technical topics as well as complaints, please get in touch with your usual contact person at SEMIKRON.


For compliance violation as well as other questions to the Global Compliance Officer, please contact

Global Compact

SEMIKRON joined the United Nations’ Global Compact Initiative in May 2012. In this initiative, more than 8,700 companies from 140 countries undertake to align their business activities and strategies with universally recognised principles from the fields of human rights, work standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption. SEMIKRON’s commitment to human rights, environmental protection, compliance with anti-corruption principles and our employment policy are therefore monitored within the frame of the UN Global Compact Initiative.

Social Responsibility

For industrial enterprises, Corporate Social Responsibility goes hand in hand with sustainable business. At SEMIKRON, CSR is more than just a strategic consideration. Being a family-owned company, we take this responsibility very seriously. Testamony to this is the SEMIKRON Foundation, the umbrella organization that fosters the charity work and activities that our shareholders are involved in world wide.

SEMIKRON Foundation

Code of Conduct

The guiding principle behind the SEMIKRON Group is the duty to act responsibly, with integrity and in full compliance with statutory requirements. The company also embraces and practices ethical principles and standards. Our code of conduct is not a declaration of intent but a set of rules for good business practices that is binding for the entire SEMIKRON Group and the entire staff, right down to the management.

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