Thermal Resistance
with Latest Phase Change TIM

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Reduced Thermal Resistance with Latest Phase Change TIM

Phase Change TIM offers a simplified manufacturing process, but generally has a higher thermal resistance than paste. SEMIKRON, determined to find the best solution, researched which Phase Change Material offers the best benefits to our power modules. We found a solution, which competes with even the latest High Performance Thermal Paste.

In this webinar, Stefan Hopfe will explain the most significant properties of Thermal Interface Material. Additionally, he will explain the support SEMIKRON provides, such as pre-applied TIM.

Key Take-Aways

  • What value does Phase Change TIM have compared to paste?
  • How can pre-applied TIM increase manufacturing efficiency?
  • What additional services does SEMIKRON offer?

The Webinar

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Stefan Hopfe
Product Manager


approx. 30 Minutes


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