The Next Level for
Wind Power Converters

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The Next Level for Wind Power Converters

Cost and efficiency are king in the world of renewable energy! Power up your investment, increase the voltage up to 1000VAC. This brings down the total cost of your wind energy system. 3-Level topologies enable this higher voltage, higher efficiency and greater power.

Our webinar shows an optimised solution for the Neutral-Point-Clamped (NPC) topology. The new SEMITRANS 10 MLI has an enhanced clamping diode for efficient bi-directional power flow. The new SEMITRANS 20 balances a simple design with the Active Neutral Point Clamped (ANPC) topology. The low inductance package offers increased reliability and easy paralleling. Both modules contain the latest IGBT generation M7.

For increased power at 690VAC, learn about the SKiiP4 with new High Performance Cooler. Upgrade your power stack without changing the converter design thanks to full compatibility to the previous SKiiP 4 design.

Key Take-Aways

  • What are benefits of 3-Level Topologies in wind power converters?
  • What are the differences of NPC and ANPC?
  • How are existing 690VAC designs upgraded with the new SKiiP4 High Performance Cooler (HPC)?​​​​​​​

The Webinar

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Bernhard Eichler
Product Marketing Manager


approx. 40 Minutes


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