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The electrolysis process for hydrogen production requires electric power, whether the method of generation is through fossil fuels from grid or through renewable sources from wind turbines and photovoltaics.

Power electronic converters play a crucial role in supplying a controlled high-current DC power flow for the electrolyzer. Semikron Danfoss has a comprehensive power module portfolio to support AC and DC coupled systems with choppers up to the megawatt range. Semikron Danfoss also offers modules with dedicated drivers such as the high-power SKiiP IPMs. Semikron Danfoss extends its offerings to ready-to-use power electronic assemblies for passive and active rectification up to 1500VDC and chopper assemblies for DC conversion.



Product Highlights

The New Standard in High Power

Meet increasing power demands for renewable, drive, and electrolyzer applications with the SEMITRANS 20. The symmetrical layout and low inductance package allow for simple paralleling up to 5MW and beyond, including 3-level topologies such as ANPC for ultra-low harmonic active rectification. The 1700V SEMITRANS 20 also includes sintering technology to increase reliability for harsh and environmental challenging applications. 

Key Features

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Reach Higher Power in the Existing Footprint

The SEMITRANS 10 package is the undisputed king in the high power converter world. For 2-level (1200V/1700V half-bridges) or 3-level (1200V split NPC) topologies, the SEMITRANS 10 meets the demands of electrolysis processes.

In the 1700V class, the SEMITRANS 10 is available with the IGBT R8 and the reputable Semikron Danfoss CAL 4 diode. This allows for a full multiple sourcing strategy down to the chip level. As an alternative solution, Semikron Danfoss is introducing a fully compatible module using the 1700V IGBT E4 and IGBT P4 with 1000A and 1400A, respectively.
Both modules will be drop-in replacements for existing designs, minimizing the adaption and tuning effort required, while still enabling multiple sourcing strategies.

With the SEMITRANS 10+, Semikron Danfoss introduces the natural extension to the next level of power density. Equipped with the latest Generation 7 IGBTs, it achieves a new nominal current rating of 1800A in half-bridge configurations. The additional AC terminal extends the output current range and supports the powerful chipset to its full potential. As with the standard SEMITRANS 10, the SEMITRANS 10+ is also a key component to a full multiple sourcing approach.

Key Features


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Semikron Danfoss Hydrogen Energy Storage

Product Portfolio

IGBT and Rectifier Modules



800V to 2200V
Bipolar modules from the market leader

SEMiX® 5

50kVA up to 250kVA
Extended Standard for Superior Thermal and Dynamic Performance

SEMiX® 3 Press-Fit

100kVA up to 300kVA
Exceeding the standard for superior performance


100kVA up to 600kVA
The proven power electronics packages


300kVA up to 2MVA
Robust High Power Module


300kVA up to 2.5MVA
Higher Power – Same Footprint

Discs and Capsules – Diodes

Discs and Capsules – Thyristors

Semikron Danfoss Hydrogen

Intelligent Power Modules – IPMs

The Most Powerful IPM in the Market

The SKiiP IPM product line set the benchmark for high performance and robust inverter designs. Both SKiiP 3 and SKiiP 4 feature high power densities combined with flexible cooling options such as air or water cooling, as well as with customized heatsinks. Reliable driver technology, integrated current sensors and comprehensive protection functions complete the IPM design.

SKiiP 3 has become increasingly popular through the industrial drive segment. With its sixpack or half-bridge topologies, it covers a current range of 500A to 2400A. The SKiiP 4, available in half-bridge topology, has been optimized for ultra-high power cycling requirements and covers a higher power range up to 3600A.

To ensure maximum reliability and service life, the power circuitry is 100% solder-free. Sinter die attach technology replaces the solder layer, the common cause of module lifetime limitations, thus improving power and thermal cycling capability.

High Performance Cooling (HPC) technology has been introduced, to provide 25% more output power capability compared to standard water cooling. A double-sided mounting HPC is also available, enabling ever higher power density.

The integrated gate driver in the SKiiP 4 has set new standards in terms of reliability and enhanced functionality through its CAN interface. The digital driver guarantees safe isolation between the primary and secondary side for both switching signals and parameter measurements. The CAN interface allows setting the SKiiP 4 configuration parameter and reading application parameter.

Key Features

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Power Electronic Stack Platforms

Fully Qualified Inverter Assemblies Tailored to Your Specific Needs

Standard Stacks

Our Power Electronic Stacks enable our customers to succeed in dynamic markets and meet any global challenge. We deliver rectifier, IGBT and SiC-based stacks for AC voltages from 380V to 1000V. Our standard stacks cover an output current range of 70A to 4000A and building blocks based on three level topologies that are ready to use in 1500VDC environment.

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Customized Stacks

In addition to standard stacks, Semikron Danfoss has vast experience in developing customer-specific solutions. Engineers are available in our stack centers around the globe to offer specific solutions by adapting existing platforms or designing customized converters.

Four Key Factors for your success

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Semikron Danfoss Image Driver

Product Portfolio

IGBT Driver

The unique product portfolio enables access to all established industries with a one-stop solution that combines state-of-the-art power modules and driver electronics.

Our IGBT drivers are available as two- channel driver cores suitable for any standard semiconductor power module or as Plug-and-Play solutions, which perfectly fit the SEMiX 3 Press-Fit, SEMITRANS 10 and compatible modules.

Cost Efficient

Achieve outstanding system compactness and create space- and cost-effective inverter designs with our drivers, utilizing highly integrated ASIC technology. Isolated DC-link voltage and temperature sensor signals at the driver’s interface along with over-voltage and over-temperature lockout also help to reduce system costs significantly.

Time Efficient

More than 25 years of experience in developing innovative IGBT driver electronics enables Semikron Danfoss to have a short-term solution for almost every challenge related to driver electronics. Our Plug-and-Play drivers connect directly to most common standard IGBT modules. The IGBT driver cores fit with the adapter boards or application sample PCBs. For the latter, Semikron Danfoss shares the entire manufacturing data to decrease development time, speeding up the time-to-market.


Our SKYPER and SKHI are well-known, highly robust and reliable IGBT driver solutions under demanding environmental conditions. Over many years of field operation experience the proprietary IGBT driver technology has been relentlessly developed further. This technology sets new standards for the essential features of safe gate control, reliable gate protection and reinforced insulation.

Compact Design

Our SKIC ASIC technology enables very compact system design with minimal peripheral components. With highly integrated signal processing and multi-channel failure management, our ASICs offer robust gate control.

Key Factors

Driver Cores

Plug-and-Play Driver

Adapter Board and Application Samples

Semikron Danfoss Image Thermal Interface Materials

Thermal Interface Materials

Stay Cool – Heat Dissipation is Our Job


Semikron Danfoss was the first power module manufacturer on the market to offer power modules with pre-applied thermal interface material (TIM). We now have over two decades of experience and more than 25 million pre-printed modules in the field.

We design print patterns for each module type for the best TIM distribution and thickness when the module is mounted to a heatsink. These patterns are printed on the modules in a clean environment on an automated silkscreen and stencil printing line. Statistical process control (SPC) is used to guarantee consistency. Special packaging is implemented to ensure that the TIM arrives at your production line in pristine condition.

In order to achieve the best thermal performance in all applications, Semikron Danfoss power modules can be supplied with our High Performance Thermal Paste (HPTP).

Alternatively, for ease-of-handling during assembly, most power modules are also available with pre-applied phase change material (PCM). Phase change materials have a solid consistency at room temperature. With the application of heat during first operation, the PCM flows to fill gaps and provide a thermal in- terface. With HP-PCM, the new Semikron Danfoss-exclusive High Performance Phase Change Material, we combine the benefits of a phase change material with the performance of the best available paste.

Key Features


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