Power Electronics

Power Electronics – the heart of energy efficiency

The field of power electronics encompasses high-voltage and high-current electrical systems in a wide range of industrial and automotive applications. From electric vehicles (EVs) to renewable energy systems to motor drives, power electronics are used to convert, transmit, and control electrical energy. Power electronic devices include power modules, which come in a variety of circuit configurations and are built up into larger assemblies, such as:

  • AC-DC rectifiers
  • DC-AC inverters
  • DC-DC and AC-AC converters

As an example, in electric vehicle chargers, power electronics play a crucial role in managing the flow of electrical energy during charging and discharging. Power electronic units such as AC-DC rectifiers and DC-DC converters are used to manage the flow of electricity between the grid (AC) and vehicle battery pack (DC). Further power electronics can be found in the electric vehicle itself, in the form of the inverter powering the electric motors to propel the vehicle and the onboard DC-DC converter to allow a customer to charge their vehicle from an AC outlet.

Advancements in power electronics have led to the development of more efficient and compact electrical systems that can operate under harsher conditions. These advancements are helping to increase the adoption of EVs, reduce global emissions, and increase the reliability of industrial products.

The Ultimate Partner in Power Electronics

Semikron Danfoss is a global technology leader in power electronics in the medium power range (approx. 2kW up to 10MW). Our product offering includes:

  • Power semiconductor devices
  • IGBT, MOSFET, and bipolar power modules
  • Power electronic stacks and systems

Semikron Danfoss strives to be the ultimate partner in power electronics by providing our customers with design-in support, sales and logistics expertise, and after-sales service.