Low voltage optimized inverter stack platform for wind and solar applications


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TThe SEMISTACK RE offers a pre-qualified power assembly ready for integration, meeting a rigorous qualification and environmental standards (IEC 60721-3). The platform design has been optimized to get the best compromise cost/performance for a water-cooled power inverter in the megawatt power range. The book format enables a compact integration in standard industrial cabinets to achieve high power up to 6MVA low voltage. Specified for wind turbine applications, the SEMISTACK RE offers a high IGBT cycling capability and a high capacitor bank lifetime, reducing maintenance.

SEMISTACK® RE Key Features

  • Maximum continuous output current from 600A up to 1400ARMS
  • Switching frequency up to 5kHz
  • Inverter output voltage up to 690VAC
  • DC voltage up to 1250V
  • DC-link polypropylene capacitor bank lifetime rated at 100,000 hours at 40°C
  • Analogue temperature, voltage and current measurement
  • CAN interface (configuration & monitoring)
  • Brake chopper optional

SEMISTACK® RE Applications

The SEMISTACK RE complies with wind turbine requirements, offering the capability to build 4-quadrant converters suitable with synchronous generator and double-fed induction generators, with an optional brake chopper design. The platform flexibility allows matching requirement of solar PV central inverters with a DC voltage up to 1250V continuous. Alternatively, SEMISTACK RE can be used in low-voltage applications requiring high power and high reliability, such as 3-phase inverters in a shipyard or interleaved buck-boost in a battery energy storage unit installed close to renewable energy power plants.

SEMISTACK® RE Product Range

The SEMISTACK RE platform offers a standard inverter size 1500 x 230 x 510 mm to fit two power sub-assemblies into a 600 x 600 x 2000 mm cabinet. The standard size has a current distribution between 1000A and 1400A. For applications with lower current rating or with a stronger constraint on the cabinet size, a smaller inverter size 1250 x 230 x 510 mm offers continuous output current rated from 600A to 900ARMS.

The SEMISTACK RE employs the SKiiP IPM product family, which integrates the IGBT gate driver and monitoring analogue outputs (temperature, output current and DC voltage). As an option, a CAN interface for supervising the SKiiP. To increase power capacity up to 6MVA, SEMISTACK RE can be put in parallel, connected through the DC-link and controlled all-like-one with a paralleling board. As an option, SEMISTACK RE platform can be offered as an integration into an industrial cabinet with suitable AC and/or DC power filters, electrical and hydraulic distribution.


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