Now introducing SEMITRANS 10+

The SEMITRANS 10 package is the undisputed king in the high power converter world. Whether implemented as a half-bridge in 2-level applications with 1200V and 1700V or in a 3-level NPC topology based on 1200V components, the SEMITRANS 10 meets the demands of solar, wind power and energy storage applications.

In the 1700V class, the SEMITRANS 10 is available with the IGBT R8 and the reputable SEMIKRON CAL 4 diode. This allows for a full multiple sourcing strategy down to the chip level. As an alternative solution, SEMIKRON is introducing a fully compatible module using the 1700V IGBT E4 and IGBT P4 with 1000A and 1400A, respectively. Both modules will be drop-in replacements for existing designs, minimizing the adaption and tuning effort required, while still enabling multiple sourcing strategies.

With the SEMITRANS 10+, SEMIKRON introduces the natural extension to the next level of power density. Equipped with the latest generation 7 IGBTs, it achieves a new nominal current rating of 1800A in half-bridge configurations. The additional AC terminal extends the output current range and supports the powerful chipset to its full potential. As with the standard SEMITRANS 10, the SEMITRANS 10+ is also a key component to a full multiple sourcing approach. 

Key features

  • Multiple sourcing down to the chiplevel: IGBT R8 and IGBT M7
  • Fully compatible to the industry standard: IGBT E4 and IGBT P4
  • Half-bridge in 1200V/1700V
  • Split NPC topology in 1200V with IGBT M7
  • SEMITRANS 10+ with additional AC terminal for highest power density


  • Supply chain safety down to the chip level
  • Highest power density in renowned packages
  • High level of flexibility


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