SKiN Technology

Wire bond-free

Goodbye to Bond Wires

In 2011 SEMIKRON presented the SKiN technology which comprises the consistent application of the sintering technology on all material combinations significant to load-cycling in a power module: All soldering and bond connections are replaced by sintered compositions.

Comparison of standard connection technology (solder/bonding) and SKiN technology

SKiN flex layers replace wire bonding

SKiN flex layers take over the function of the bond wires. They allow an increase of about 25% surge current in the power module due to the sintered layer on the chip tops. Compared to conventional power modules the additional performance allows an approximate doubling of the current density. Excellent thermal and electrical properties of the sintered layers increase the module lifetime up to tenfold.

If, in addition, the DCB substrate is sintered directly onto the heatsink, the thermal resistance to the heatsink is reduced drastically over traditional interface materials - such as thermal pastes or foils. This decreases the thermal resistance Rth(j-a) between the semiconductor chip and coolant by up 30%, which enables a power increase or a reduction in volume by up to 35%.

Comparison of the partial thermal transfer resistances in a standard module and a SKiN power module with sintered heatsink