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Standard industry packages

Ensuring the highest supply chain safety to the customer is one of the main targets for SEMIKRON. The development and successful introduction of industry standard packages reflects that strategy. With SEMIPACK, MiniSKiiP, SEMITOP E1/E2, SEMITRANS 2/3/4, SEMiX 6 Press-Fit, SEMiX 5, SEMiX 3 Press-Fit, SEMITRANS 10 and SEMITRANS 20 nine different power module packages are available, fully pin-compatible with the market standards.

Multiple Source Key Features

  • Highest supply chain safety through the complete range of standard industry packages
  • Several IGBT sources and free-wheeling diode chips are available in all voltage classes

Exceeding the standard...

  • smart integration of functionality at no extra space into the package
  • ...thanks to optimizations in the internal power module design

Chip flexibility

Supply chain safety and multiple sourcing does not only apply to the package itself, but of course to its individual components as well. Therefore SEMIKRON has introduced multiple chip sources for IGBT and free-wheeling diode. In addition to the long-time IGBT partners Infineon, Fuji and Renesas and a new IGBT supplier is introduced with the implementation of the Generation 7 IGBTs in 1200V.

The new partner with its IGBT M7 will be first available in SEMiX 3 Press-Fit and SEMiX 6 Press-Fit. In a second step it will be introduced throughout the portfolio, in parallel to the existing suppliers.

For the corresponding free-wheeling diodes, further manufacturers are available in addition to the reliable SEMIKRON CAL diodes.

Exceeding the standard

SEMIKRON pays special attention to further increase the performance of the standard packages. The SEMiX 3 Press-Fit is available with current sensing integrated and plug-and-play driver ensuring fastest time-to market. It lowers the system cost by integrating the current measurement into the power module requiring no extra space.

SEMiX 5 is optimised for heat spreading inside the module and thus lower thermal resistance. The stray inductance is the lowest in the market, allowing the switching of higher output currents with the same voltage overshoot on chip level.

Our SEMITOP E1/E2 outperforms other suppliers’ compatible packages thanks to a unique housing construction. In combination with the pre-applied High Performance Thermal Paste HPTP, the thermal resistance can be reduced by up to 50% in the same nominal IGBT current rating. This converts into higher output power or lower chip temperature and thus longer lifetime.

SEMIKRON SEMiX 3 Press-Fit with Shunts