Flexible package design for Industrial and Traction applications

While offering an industrial standard package, SEMIKRON is raising the bar with the SEMITRANS 20. Enjoy the flexibility of SEMITRANS 20, which allows low-cost industrial and high reliability traction designs in the same package.

While focused on cost optimization, the SEMITRANS 20 Industrial version extends power cycling beyond the conventional design. With three AC terminals, the SEMITRANS 20 allows extremely high output current, especially helpful in ANPC configurations for solar and energy storage.

The SEMITRANS 20 Traction version achieves five times the power cycling compared to the conventional design through enhancements such as sintering, Silicon Nitride ceramic, AlSiC baseplate and aluminium-clad copper wire bonds. If power cycling is not a concern, then enjoy up to 25% higher output power and higher overload conditions. 

Key features Traction version:

  • AlSiC Baseplate
  • Silicon Nitride ceramics
  • Sintered chips
  • Aluminium or aluminium-clad copper wire bonds
  • 1700V half-bridge: 1000A & 1200A

Key features Industrial version:

  • Copper Baseplate
  • Soldered chips
  • Aluminium wire bonds
  • 1200V half-bridge: 1400A IGBT M7
  • 1700V half-bridge: 1000A & 1200A


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