Power Electronics
for Electric and Hybrid Passenger Cars

Our Solutions for Electric and Hybrid Passenger Cars

In passenger car applications, power electronics have to rise to considerable challenges: they have to be compact and efficient, while remaining robust and reliable under the ever changing conditions that occur during cold start and repeated acceleration and deceleration. SEMIKRON offers a wide range of products that rise to the occasion in any application in the automotive sector, be it battery-powered electric vehicles, mild hybrids, plug-in hybrids or other hybrid drive vehicles. SEMIKRON’s dedicated automotive portfolio includes power modules and integrated converter/inverter systems that are often based on innovative semiconductor technologies such as silicon carbide (SiC), significantly improving efficiency in standard passenger vehicle applications in comparison to silicon-based technology (IGBTs).

In addition to high-voltage solutions with 400/800 V battery systems, mild hybrid vehicles featuring a 48 V on-board power supply are increasingly finding their way into this sector. Mild hybrids have a 48 V electric motor alongside the conventional combustion engine, providing additional power boost and energy recovery functions that reduce CO2 emissions by up to 15%. SEMIKRON modules are already in widespread use in electric vehicles. The SEMiX baseplate modules are especially popular with leading Chinese automotive manufacturers, while our well-established baseplate-less SKiM 63/93 technology is the current first choice for electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles for higher power densities.

Power Modules for Electric Drive Systems (EDS)

eMPack® Power Module – High Performance Package for E-mobility

The transition from full vehicle platforms to full battery electric vehicle architectures is progressing rapidly. These architectures will require scalable power electronics solutions for electric drive systems (EDS) that are capable of covering a wide power range and are cost-effective at the same time, resulting in an important competitive advantage for vehicle manufacturers.

SEMIKRON’s new power module platform eMPack, which is based on a common module concept, is being developed for EDS inverter architectures covering a power range from 100kW up to 750kW.

eMPack covers 400V and 800V battery system applications. The combination of silicon carbide technology with SEMIKRON’s fully sintered, low stray inductance Direct Pressed Die Technology (DPD) enables unmatched power densities combined with high reliability for automotive application.

Key Features

  • Silicon Carbide MOSFET, Full Silicon Carbide technology
  • 750V / 1200V Sixpack compatible package delivering up to 900ARMS
  • Double Sided Sintering package for automotive grade reliability
  • Low thermal resistance thanks to DPD technology
  • Flexible cooler arrangements
  • 2.5nH package stray inductance including terminals
eMPack – The Automotive Power Module Platform

Power Modules for Electric Drive Systems Product Portfolio


SKiM® 93

High reliability design using sinter technology


High Performance Package for eMobility



Power Modules for Auxiliary Inverters


Exceeding the standard for superior performance


SEMITOP E1/E2 represent the SEMITOP platform’s natural evolution to an enhanced package, offering the best footprint, an extremely flexible architecture and high performing solutions at optimized system cost.

Integrated with the latest Si and SiC chip technologies, SEMITOP E1/E2 offers a competitive platform. Thus able to address the power modules demanding environment where high performance, innovation, quality standards and cost are the key winning factors.

Key Features

  • PCB based and press-fit connected baseplate-less industry standard power module in two housing sizes
  • 650V and 1200V: 10A to 100A IGBT 4 and IGBT T7
  • CIB and sixpack topologies
  • Optimized mounting concept provides lowest thermal resistance in class
  • Increased power density thanks to Generation 7 IGBT T7
  • 1200V Hybrid and full SiC modules up to 250A

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Converter/Inverter for 48V Mild Hybrid Systems


Ultra Compact MOSFET Inverter Platform

SKAI 3 LV is designed to be the platform to create for on- and off-road applications. It is the 3rd generation of MOSFET inverters and constitutes the 7th generation of MOSFET inverter technology manufactured by SEMIKRON, with more than 1.5 Million MOSFET inverters in the field. By integrating a customized control board an application optimized motor-control system is quickly developed.

The SKAI 3 LV implements power-technology, which uses the same elements as high-voltage high-reliability applications today. This provides access to top performance, highest reliability technologies in a wide range of low-voltage on- and off-road applications.

SKAI 3 LV - Ultra Compact MOSFET Inverter Platform

3-phase MOSFET inverter system up to 55kVA

Key Features

  • For compact designs
  • 30kVA/l power density
  • Vbattery: 24VDC up to 96VDC
  • 600Arms peak current during acceleration
  • Easy-to-use gate driver
  • IP66 enclosure
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