Higher power density with reduced material count

The SKiiP IPM product line sets a benchmark for high performance and robust inverter design. Both SKiiP 3 and SKiiP 4 feature high power densities combined with flexible cooling options such as air and water cooling, in addition to customizable heatsinks. Reliable driver technology, integrated current sensors and comprehensive protection functions complete the IPM design.

To ensure highest reliability and service life, the SKiiP 4 power circuitry is 100% solder-free. Sinter technology as die attachment replaces the solder layer, the usual cause of lifetime limitation. Hence, sintering improves power and thermal cycling capability.

High performance cooling (HPC) technology has been introduced, providing approximately 25% more output capability compared to standard water cooling. A double-sided mounting HPC water cooler is also available, enabling an even higher power density. 

Key features

  • 1200V and 1700V chipsets
  • Sixpack (only SKiiP 3) and half-bridge topologies
  • Flexible cooling options: air, water or customized cooling options, high performance cooling, single-and double-sided mounting for water coolers
  • Paralleled operation for even higher output power possible
  • CAN interface to the integrated IGBT driver in SKiiP 4


  • Reduced design effort thanks to high integration
  • Highest reliability in high power application thanks to sinter technology
  • Highest power density thanks to high performance cooling (HPC) and optional double side mounting HPC
  • Operation comfort and reliability thanks to integrated CAN interface


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