Industrial Standard Packages with the Latest Generation Chips

In recent years, SEMIKRON released several products using the latest Generation 7 IGBTs in the 1200V class. Now it is time to complete the portfolio to cover the full range of power modules for motor drives. For low power, the SEMITOP E1/E2 is now available with IGBT T7 in a CIB (Converter-Inverter-Brake) topology from 10A to 50A and in sixpack configurations from 25A to 100A. The SEMITOP portfolio covers 0.4W to 30kW of motor power.

The SEMiX 6 Press-Fit covers the medium power range from 75A to 200A in CIB and 100A to 250A in sixpack configurations. The modules use IGBT M7, delivering up to 75kW of motor power. Both SEMITOP E1/E2 and SEMiX 6 Press-Fit offer reduced thermal resistance compared to conventional designs. This reduction allows higher power density or lower junction temperatures and thus a longer lifetime.

For medium to high power applications, SEMITRANS 2 and 3 half-bridges cover the full range from 150A to 800A. The classic 34mm and 62mm packages use IGBT M7. Common emitter topologies are also available, enabling cost-effective TNPC 3-level designs for UPS systems. 

Key Features

  • Latest generation of IGBT (IGBT M7 and IGBT T7)
  • Higher nominal currents in the same package
  • Reduced saturation voltage, VCE,sat
  • Increased overload junction temperature up to 175°C
  • High humidity robustness


  • Increased output power
  • Higher efficiency
  • Higher power density


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